Dennis Rodman was arrested in Florida

Dennis Rodman was arrested in Florida

Dennis Rodman was arrested in Florida after causing trouble on a flight from Los Angeles, US media reported.

The controversial former basketball player is said to have first fallen out with flight attendants and entire staff on the plane, and then with law enforcement who waited for him at the airport upon landing.

All the staff on the flight asked Rodman to do was put on a mask that, according to airline rules, is mandatory for every passenger.

Rodman was reportedly having trouble breathing, the flight attendants didn’t agree to it, so he got angry and the police were called in to take him in after landing in Florida.

He was remanded in custody, made a statement and was released after the talks.

Rodman is a former Chicago Bulls player with whom he won five Championship titles in the Michael Jordan era, and has also played for San Antonio, the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks, as well as the Detroit Pistons.

With the popular “Bad Boys” Pistons he won two championship titles, as well as two awards for best defensive player (DPOY) and the force of emotion made him cry when he presented the award.

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